Sunday, September 18, 2011

it's about time

is what i keep saying to my self as i type this entry... where have i been you ask??
-working MORE than full-time in our business
-taking care of (2) VERY busy but sweeter than pie baby girls
-caring for my wonderful husband who is still very dedicated to training for triathlons
**Have to brag on him for a minute-- he's LOST 40+lbs since he's been training-- go baby!!
-attempting to get our dining room back in order after jason & alfonso finished building our new table
-spending time (not as much as i'd like) with family & friends
-going on trips (dominican republic just J & me, SSI w/ our family & my in-laws, & our staycation)
-trying to get my home organization notebook organized : ) (includes family budget, weekly meal calendar, party/design ideas, etc)
-cleaning out closets and the girls' playroom
-preparing to lead our small group
-our first time volunteering in waumba land at buckhead church
-and i am sure much else that i am forgetting...

so, no i am going to try to do a few posts w/ pics and more specific details.

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