Sunday, September 18, 2011

easter 2011 ~ part 1

(the problem with writing about this in september is i can't remember all the details- believe it or not- but i'll give it my best shot : ) my parents live in a great neighborhood that had a fun easter celebration and egg hunt at their clubhouse. there was a bubble machine which you can see from the pictures, one little brunette THOROUGHLY enjoyed... then inside there were yummy easter goodies and crafts which marni seemed to enjoy the most with her LOVE for all things scrapbooking, etc : ) afterwards, we enjoyed going back to my parents' home for a wonderful meal together where my mom outdid herself with beautiful decorations and personalized candies for each of us!

ava's baby dedication

ava was dedicated at buckhead church in the same format as bella, which i love!! we had (2) tables that were assigned to us and we were able to invite family and friends to come celebrate with us. jason and i were asked by the church to prepare some thoughts, comments, etc to share with our guests. in addition the church shared blessings with each of us, pictures of the children and sweet treats.
-ariel & me
-jason's aunt lou ann from ct was able to join us!
-loved that marni & pepere were able to be there!
-this is the picture we chose to have on the slideshow during the dedication

it's about time

is what i keep saying to my self as i type this entry... where have i been you ask??
-working MORE than full-time in our business
-taking care of (2) VERY busy but sweeter than pie baby girls
-caring for my wonderful husband who is still very dedicated to training for triathlons
**Have to brag on him for a minute-- he's LOST 40+lbs since he's been training-- go baby!!
-attempting to get our dining room back in order after jason & alfonso finished building our new table
-spending time (not as much as i'd like) with family & friends
-going on trips (dominican republic just J & me, SSI w/ our family & my in-laws, & our staycation)
-trying to get my home organization notebook organized : ) (includes family budget, weekly meal calendar, party/design ideas, etc)
-cleaning out closets and the girls' playroom
-preparing to lead our small group
-our first time volunteering in waumba land at buckhead church
-and i am sure much else that i am forgetting...

so, no i am going to try to do a few posts w/ pics and more specific details.