Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 random facts...

most of you have probably already seen this thru FB~ but i thought it would be fun to include it on the blog... 25 random facts about me : )

1. My heart's desire is to fall more in love with Jesus every day.
2. I am so thankful for my loving & supportive husband, Jason.
3. We have a beautiful baby girl who I love more than words.
4. We are ready to start trying for #2!
5. I think I want at least 3 children.
6. I LOVE chai tea lattes & white chocolate mochas.
7. Dessert is always more important to me than the main entree!
8. I can be a bit compulsive about having my house in order at all times.
9. I have a hard time sitting still~ I like to be doing something constantly.
10. However, I do LOVE a long afternoon nap.
11. Manicures & pedicures are fabulous!
12. I love the feeling of clean sheets on our bed.
13. I love entertaining.
14. I love to vacation and can't wait to take Bella to Disney when she gets older.
15. The beach is one of my favorites.
16. I love almost all reality TV.
17. Monograms make everything (well, almost everything) cuter!
18. I thoroughly enjoy decorating.
19. My husband says that organizing is like drugs for me.
20. I have "JDD" (job deficit disorder) so I have explored a lot of jobs- but wouldn't trade my role now of being a stay at home mom for anything.
21. I love the world of blogging.
22. We are so thankful for Andy Stanley & Buckhead Church.
23. Purses and shoes are my weakness.
24. I love when my hair is freshly cut & colored.
25. With Jesus' strength, I want to be a grace-filled wife & mother.

hope you enjoyed!

i am off to the Johnson Ferry Baptist Women's Retreat tomorrow. i will post about it soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

friday fun

one of bella & my favorite things is to have "fun fridays"... i really try to get the "yucky/mundane" things (i.e. laundry, cleaning, bills, etc.) out of the way monday-thursday so that fridays we can focus on just having fun. these past two fridays we have had play dates with heather & her daughter grace. we all have so much fun together. and, one of my favorite things is asking grace to say hi to bella because she says " hi, baby lala" : ) they are so tender and sweet together.

my friendship with heather is a complete answer to prayer! after moving to decatur in january of 2008 and then having bella in february, i had really prayed that God would provide me with other young, Christian moms "to do life with"... and He, like always, so faithfully answered. in the summer of 2008 heather & i ran into eachother dropping the girls off at nursery at buckhead church. upon talking we decided to try to do the same Bible study in the fall. in september we started CBS together. what a blessing the study has been, and even more heather's friendship! 

this past friday heather & grace came over to our home and we played, ate chick-fil-a and then while the girls napped, heather & i worked on tutus for the girls... they turned out so cute! now grace & bella each have a pink tutu... and soon heather & i are going to work on their georgia bulldogs tutus for football season!

the girls getting ready for lunch... and notice bella~ her new thing is trying to climb out of her highchair : )

note: pictures of bella in her tutu to come~ currently they are a surprise!

a little (or big) loin

wow~ it's been a while! i have intended to post for a long time... and then i started thinking today about why i hadn't posted in so long~ i started to realize that i almost felt overwhelmed about starting because i had so much catching up to do. so i decided to just let it all go and start where i could~ because at this point it is better to do something rather than nothing at all! : )

so while i am enjoying some good television~ the miss america pageant on TLC & deserving design on HGTV- which had a family that we know on it- rob & laura stowers- laura was a surrogate mother in 2007- and the family that she carried the baby for nominated them. kind of cool- i have even been to rob & laura's home because years ago i watched their little boys- robert & parker~ i am catching up on picture editing and posting!

so now on to the meaning behind this title... 

my sweet mother in-law, bella's teenie, who is so good to us, kept bella a few weeks ago. jason & i needed a day without distractions to organize our office, along with line up our goals & budget for 2009. therefore, i met teenie at perimeter mall first thing in the morning with all of bella's things. i had gone thru everything to make sure teenie had bella's lovie, pacifiers, food, wipes, a change of clothes, a blanket, pack n' play, etc. we seemed to make the transfer flawlessly and i proceeded to go home. jason & i were able to get so much done that by 3 pm i was dying for a nap. jason offered to meet his parents to pick bella up. upon, waking from my nap, i called jason and he said he would be home shortly and to not laugh too hard when i saw bella...

here is what i found under her pants... 

how funny is this?!?!?! apparently teenie had run out of diapers... well, there was another extra diaper but it was in a "secret place" in the diaper bag~ but honestly, i am glad teenie didn't find it... because we were able to see this hilarious sight~ our sweet bella in a loin!! : ) i must say i LOVE those chunky little legs! I can't kiss and squeeze them enough!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

continue to pray

i know i haven't posted in a while... and i intend to soon... maybe even this afternoon. but regardless, i still keep up with the blogging world and everyone's news... 

PLEASE, PLEASE continue to pray for sweet Kelly & Scott and their newborn daughter Harper! Each one needs our prayers more than ever now. To follow the complete story and continue to receive updates go to Kelly's blog.

Father God, we come before you now on Scott, Kelly & Harper's behalf. Father, please be their stronghold right now- be their all in all. May each one of them experience your closeness like never before. May they know how loved they are. Please be with the doctors and nurses who are taking care of Harper. May they have everything they need and wisdom beyond their years in treating Harper's condition. May Scott & Kelly love one another like never before and be covered in the peace that surpasses all understanding. We praise you now for the miracle you will perform in this situation, knowing that YOUR PLANS ARE SO MUCH GREATER THAN OURS! We love you sweet Jesus, amen.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

swings & slides!

sweet bella loves to swing! over the holidays she went to the park with pepere & mommy to swing and then again with her cousins and lou ann & teresa mae. when we went with her cousins to the park, daddy was able to come by too~ together daddy & i put bella on the slide for the first time~ she loved it! so she went again & again!!

bella's first time on the slide
swinging with cousin emerson
one of the only pictures we have with both boots on~ bella thinks they make good toys : )

christmas at teenie & poppa's

since marni & pepere were in town over christmas, we waited to celebrate with the insogna clan (teenie, poppa, elizabeth & jonathan, lou ann & teresa mae, todd, staci, christian, noah & emerson, jason, bella & me) until sunday the 28th. teenie made a fabulous meal with turkey and all the trimmings... after we ate, we all exchanged gifts. once again bella enjoyed opening gifts- but seemed to think the wrapping paper/tissue was much more exciting than any of the  gifts themselves.