Tuesday, August 11, 2009


yes that's what our little girl is... day after day it seems there are so many funny things she does and i try so hard to remember! anyways, i keep trying to remember to blog about this past week... both involve panties~ yes, you read correctly : )

instance 1: jason, bella & i went to the outlet malls last week to meet up with marni & uncle david... we got there a little early and/or they were a little late, so we went to a lingerie store so mommy could get a few new things... well, bella insisted on holding something so i handed her a few pairs of panties i was planning to buy... before we could turn around she had pulled one of the pairs up around her ankles... so smart! even the sales ladies were laughing!

instance 2: on saturday morning we were all in our bedroom getting ready for the day... in the midst of getting dressed, making our bed, putting on my make-up, etc. jason motioned for me to look at bella~ she had grabbed "our daily bread" (a small magazine devotional) from the magazine holder in our bathroom and was walking around our room standing very straight acting like she was reading it, all the while with my panties around her ankles. ha! seems a little contradictory! : )

oh, how we love her!!