Thursday, June 3, 2010

powerful quotes

so the other day we went to the outlet malls. my brother is in town for just a few more days (on a break b/t finishing his first year of law school and starting his summer internship) so he and i went along with my mom and ava. upon meeting up my mom gave me an email that i sent her back on 2-16-07... and any of my JFBC friends know this is right after our annual women's retreat... anyways my email included 4 quotes that i were shared at the retreat that really spoke to me... and now more than 3 years later they still do and i want to document them and share them...

~ "Pain & suffering legitimize our testimony. Authentic compassion is often formed in the kiln of ache."

~ "Suffering gives you something to share."

~ "On my worst, whiniest days, God doesn't leave... He is not a fair-weather Father."

~ "May we not go through the Refiner's fire coming out burned and smelling of ashes, but rather smelling of the sweet aroma of Christ." ~ LOVE this one!

thanks, mom, for sharing these with me again...