Saturday, August 30, 2008

tea, leaves and thyme

happy 6th month birthday, bella bean. what amazing blessings you have brought to mommy & daddy in such a short time~ our lives will never be the same.

in order to celebrate such a monumental event teenie, staci, noah, emerson, bella & me all went to tea, leaves & thyme in downtown woodstock. from petit-fors to scones with real whipped cream, we indulged and enjoyed! bella tried to eat some homemade green beans~ but made hilarious faces, as if she had never tasted anything so horrid... maybe we should stick with the jarred food, baby girl.

i'm addicted

so... here it is... jason kept saying he couldn't believe i didn't have a blog for our family... and i kept thinking that there was no need... and now, after being online for over 4 hours, i am sure that we do indeed need a family blog.

it is all because of our new small group through buckhead church... we got an email from our new group and one of the leaders had a link to her blog... before i knew it the blogosphere had sucked me in~ i have been "baptized into blogging"... so since jason is hanging out with the other guys on our street playing video games and bella is sound asleep, i decided now is the time to go for it... now is the time to embark on the journey of blogging... so here, sweetheart, is our family blog.