Friday, July 31, 2009

for dog lovers only

one of bella's fave places now that she is walking is max's bed in our great room. she loves to get in it with or without him and thankfully he doesn't mind a bit~ as you can see! : ) they are great friends!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

photo shoot

on saturday bella & i went to meet her cousins for a photo shoot in roswell... afterwards we had donuts and then bella & i headed back to our neck of the woods... bella fell asleep in the car so i thought i would lay her right down, since daddy was at home in the middle of a work meeting... well, no such luck! bella wanted nothing to do with going back down for a nap... so, we went out on the front porch and played and i was able to get some great pictures! for once~ i am actually pretty glad she didn't go to sleep : )

so here are the pics of our little love~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

vacation pics

disclaimer~ jason & i invested in a new camera prior to this trip... we'd talked about it for a little while and then realized that it would be really beneficial for our business as well... so thanks to chris at the little green family blog, we have a nikon that we are thoroughly enjoying~ as you can see by the number of pictures we took!

fun with teenie!
sisters! (in-law)
our family on the balcony of the house
teenie & poppa
dancing with my girl

elizabeth & ella
christian & staci

the furry cousins enjoying time on the beach

bella practicing her walking with emerson at the beach

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


we had a wonderful time away. on july 2nd, bella & i flew to boston with marni, pepere & uncle david. the five of us drove up to waterville valley, new hampshire, where we met up with marni's extended family. it was a wonderful family reunion filled with amazing food, hiking, canoeing, biking, sleeping and a wonderful celebration of marni & pepere's 30th wedding anniversary. we celebrated with a surprise family dinner at diamond's edge north restaurant. david & i picked up a wonderful chocolate & mocha cake that we all enjoyed!

then, on july 11th, bella & i flew from boston to wilmington where jason picked us up for a week at topsail island with his family~ teenie & poppa, staci, christian, noah & emerson, jonathan & elizabeth, and our good friends, shaune & ella. the beach was beautiful~ we had great times in the waves, playing in the sand, taking walks, going for ice cream, jet skiing, of course eating and more!

and, because, of course i am biased, i have to brag on bella for a minute... she was GREAT. she slept so well while we were gone... she was so quick to adapt to her surroundings, she loved canoeing~ and even fell asleep while we were on the river, she practiced her walking, enjoyed going for a bike ride, and was awesome in the waves... jason would throw her up in the air when the waves would start to crash and she'd just laugh... she also enjoyed the fish float we bought for her... and playing in the sand was lots of fun too! sweet bella, we love you so much!! thank you for being our baby girl and blessing our life so much!!

our family

emerson, elizabeth & jonathan
teenie & bella
just precious
yet again... : )

**more pics to come**