Saturday, February 13, 2010


yesterday we had a big snowfall - at least for GA... i think it was around 3 pm that it started to fall... jason checked in on our friends, chris & ariel, to see what they were up to and to see if they might want to come hang out with us and spend the night...

ariel's bosses were a bit reluctant to "release" everyone from work so it wasn't until around 6:15 or so that jason, who went to navigate them, along with chris, ariel & aubrey (or as bella calls her best friend- "bobby") showed up... while bella and i anticipated their arrival, we made a cake and started making spaghetti & meatballs, and garlic bread, all the while talking about how bobby was going to be over soon... she was quite thrilled, esp. because she is really starting to enjoy the kitchen and helping me stir and prepare things as much as possible...

we all enjoyed a big meal together and then the girls had a blast in the tub together. afterwards they went to bed and us adults carried out our tradition when it is the 4 of us... the guys play playstation 3 & us girls watch a chick-flick and fall asleep... so this night was no different... the guys played and we flipped b/t "you've got mail" & the olympics' opening ceremonies... then everyone went to bed...

this morning we enjoyed a big pancake breakfast and just relaxing... then we got the girls dressed for a snow adventure with their daddies and some of the neighbors.

we had such a great time together and are so thankful that God has blessed us w/ such awesome friends!
chris, aubrey, bella & jason
little snow bunnies ~ bella & aubrey
getting all clean

where have we been?!?!

well... that is a good question ~ i am trying to figure it out myself : )

-probably the biggest reason we have been absent from blogging is that our church did a 21 day fast and challenged each person in the congregation to give up something... i gave up blogging & facebook... so that is part of it ~ although that was over a couple weeks ago.

-we have bella's big girl room almost done. our friend byron came over and painted stripes in what used to be the guest room and we have set up her bed. we still need to finish hanging pictures, etc. and i need to complete the cornice boards.

-our room is pretty much done... we gave it a "face-lift"... i do still need to find fabric for some throw pillows, a dust ruffle & window treatments.

-we finally obtained our variance for adding our detached garage in our backyard. we had to present our "case" in front of the city commissioners twice & finally they approved it... we are very ready to complete this project as it will allow us to move our home office out above the garage and convert the current office to a playroom for the girls. in addition we'll be glad to have the extra storage and parking for our cars.

-we went to nashville for a weekend to visit jason's brother, jonathan, and his wife, elizabeth... we had a GREAT time... and thanks to teenie, poppa, todd, staci & cousins for loving on bella while we were gone!!

-jason turned 36 on feb. 2nd... that same night a group of our friends and family went to fogo de chao for a FABULOUS meal ~ we can't wait to go back... and he is now participating in a boot camp w/ 3 of our neighbors... 4 days a week at 7:15 am for 6 weeks total.

-we have been slammed w/ work ~ which we are very thankful for!

-i am working on a potential new business and thoroughly enjoying the planning ~ as i know the end result will be well worth all the preparation ~ more to come on this : )

-last weekend my mom & i attended our past church's (jfbc) women's retreat... it was wonderful!! and we even got to start the time away off with a girls' lunch and massages ~ all of which was followed with rich, Biblical teaching, testimonies, fellowship and delicious food! can't wait to go again next year, mom : )

-i am continuing to carry our second baby girl... and getting more and more excited to meet her... can't believe that i've already filled out the hospital registration paperwork... she'll be here before we know it!!

so... all that to say ~ i think that is why i haven't been involved in blogging for a bit... but i am ready to get back on board... some big events are about to unfold...