Sunday, November 1, 2009

bella = future big sister

yes, you read correctly!! bella is going to be a big sister come may!!

we found out in August that i am with child and that my due date is may 16th. we are thrilled, as we definitely want/wanted bella to have a sibling.

so far this pregnancy has been drastically different from my first. jason often says that i only spent an hour vertical during the first trimester of my pregnancy with bella. this time around, thankfully, that has not been the case... if anything i have been too vertical : ) just been tired and had some nausea here and there... but i am now in the second trimester so even that little bit of discomfort should be on it's way out very soon!! as friends & family keep reminding me- maybe this time we'll have a little boy... who knows?!?! honestly, i will be happy with either- i love dreaming about having 2 little girls only 2 years apart who i can dress in matching clothes and watch be best friends... but then i also love the idea of having a little boy, esp. to see jason experience a son and because neither of us are convinced we'll go for a third : )

either way we are praying for a healthy and happy baby!! and are so thankful for a great ultrasound at 8 weeks and getting to hear a strong heartbeat at 12 weeks!!

i have started pointing to my belly and telling bella that there is a baby in it... she then lifts up her shirt as if searching for the baby in hers ~ don't think she quite knows what is going on : ) but in due time, she will!!

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our little monkey

we had a great halloween this year. it started off with going to the college heights fall festival - where jason graciously volunteered by grilling almost 100 hotdogs and hamburgers. bella and i played in a ball pit and tunnel, walked around and then enjoyed lunch with daddy and friends. afterwards we came home for bella to nap ( and mommy : ).

after naps, it was time for the GA/FL football game. we went over to our neighbors for a party which was great fun and then headed home at about 5:45 pm. at that point our friend heather and her daughter grace, along with ariel & chris and their daughter aubrey joined us. we got the girls all ready to go trick or treating and then headed out. they had a blast. they "stair step" eachother in age - grace is 28 mths, aubrey is 24 mths and bella is 20 mths... so it was so funny to watch each of them with where they are in understanding the process. grace was definitely "cool as a cucumber", aubrey was a bit scared by some of the skulls, bella was just trying to keep up w/ her friends by walking the whole time and also enjoyed waving and saying "bye, bye" to each homeowner. so fun!!

afterwards we came home to eat pizza that chris & jason went to pick up for us... and each of the girls enjoyed a lollipop... bella probably only had 3 bites of pizza because she couldn't stand to put her sugar down!! then the girls just played and the adults enjoyed talking.

grace- the fairy princess, aubrey- spot the dog, bella- the monkey

the monkey & mommy
making sure the candy was really staying her bag

chris, spot the dog & ariel

the monkey with her daddy