Thursday, July 22, 2010

back with a vengeance

well... where have i been you ask?!?! and i ask too : ) between our family growing to 4 with this sweet babe ~

and the business continuing to stay busy, hiring a project manager, having lots of family in town throughout the summer, going to the beach, our camera needing a new part (was at the "camera doctor" for 2 mths and is still not fixed- a big shout out to poppa for letting us borrow his camera so much!!), etc. LIFE HAS BEEN FULL! Not to mention that i have had a complete blonde moment w/ the blog the last few times i have considered updating- i couldn't seem to get pictures to upload... but i have figured it out ~ yay!! i am determined to be more consistent with updating. life just passes by too quickly and i want to remember these sweet moments & capture our memories as much as possible!

so with this whole preface- here comes a lot of catching up!