Sunday, October 26, 2008

fun with marni & pepere! (lots of pics)

on october 7th bella & i headed to arkansas to visit marni & pepere. we had lots of fun and were definitely spoiled!! bella visited pepere's office and worked hard at his desk (clorox here is your new team member!!)... she went to their neighborhood's fall festival and painted a pumpkin with mommy & marni... bella also enjoyed some great meals, time with marni's friend sharon, a date night with her pepere so mommy & marni could scrapbook, time in kansas city with marni & mommy, shopping, her grandparents black labs~ shadow & sadie~ and time in the antique rocking chair that mommy used to sit in... thank you marni & pepere for loving us so unconditionally!! what a blessing you both are : )

pumpkin patch

so i know it's been a while since i've posted~ life has been so full~ but good. at the beginning of october we met one of my best friends from high school~ maressa kiewitt moore~ and her husband, ben, daughter, kayla, her parents, scott & katie and sister, amelia at berry patch farms. this is where bella experienced her first hayride, first pumpkin patch, first bite of homemade vanilla icecream (i think that was the best part for her~ she definitely has her mommy's sweet tooth!! : ) and first time with farm animals... it was a lot of fun and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself. afterwards we went to a nice dinner at a little italian restaurant in towne lake. thanks for visiting maressa & family!!