Sunday, October 4, 2009

they tied the knot

shaune & ella that is : )

it was a beautiful wedding weekend away in dahlonega ~ north ga. jason was a groomsmen and i was in charge of doing all the bridal hair (the bride, the mother of the bride, 5 bridesmaids and the flower girl to be exact : ). we enjoyed getting away and staying at a hotel for the weekend...

marni & pepere and then the armistead clan all took care of bella ~ thanks y'all!!

jason, shaune (the groom) & daniel (the best man)
at the rehearsal dinner
at the wedding

ella (the bride) & me

she's italian!!

a couple weeks ago i made spaghetti for dinner and it was enjoyed by all of us ~ but especially this little one : )

**we have a really cute video of this but due to technical difficulties, we haven't gotten it uploaded yet ~ hopefully soon**