Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 thought provoking...

and VERY wise posts that i read this week:


i am looking forward to wrestling w/ these some more both in my own heart and mind, as well as w/ some friends. i hope to come back to them as well, so i wanted to make sure i posted about them

Friday, January 21, 2011

where to start?!?!

i feel like i won't ever be able to get caught up, so i might as well not even try... but i am trying to fight those feelings and remember that while i definitely don't need to put additional stress on myself, it will be so fun years from now to read what was going on!

so because i am tired and a lot is going on, i think bullet points will serve me well right now.

-deedee is officially keeping the girls on a consistent schedule week to week and i am working full-time. our usual routine is the following: monday- school & then deedee picks them up, brings them home and hangs out. tuesday- deedee has them all day. wednesday- the girls and i go to CBS and then deedee picks them up from Bible study and takes them home and hangs out. thursday- school & then deedee picks them up, brings them home and hangs out. friday- we have time just the three of us girls either at the house, running errands or playdates. so far the girls are adjusting great! deedee watched them a good bit previously and they L-O-V-E her so it's not too much of an adjustment.
-jason & i are staying very busy with work and are so thankful
-we are now leading our small group thru our church. we so enjoy each of the couples in our small group. we just finished "The 5 Love Languages" and are getting ready to start "Radical"
-jason just signed up for a half iron man in september so he is starting to train for it
-i love CBS still and am getting ready to join/start a monthly book club with some of my favorite girls
-bella is as sweet as she can be... every once in a while, just like all of us, we have some melt downs... but she is constantly making us laugh and amazing us with what she is learning. she is officially potty-trained. only wearing pull-ups at night time and bed time. she is also officially done with pacis (praise God!). both changes happened over the holidays. christmas eve she put her paci on the plate w/ the cookies for santa to take it to baby Jesus... we talked about how baby Jesus needed it more than she did. for the first (3) nights or so there was some adjusting but after that she did fabulous and now it is just a memory. as far as potty training- we just picked a day at home and switched to panties... we had a few accidents... but picked up the concept pretty quickly. i believe we are now on our 3rd week and she didn't have any accidents, even at school, church, CBS, etc. (except one little one at home while watching Dora-- who doesn't forget everything around them while under Dora's Spanish influence?!?!).
-bella LOVES dressing up in her princess outfits... heels, crown, wand, dress w/ tutu underneath and all... the outfit is simply not complete w/out each component. if she is not dressed as a princess, she is dressed as minnie (her halloween costume this year). she has the minnie shoes, ears and dress... jason and i just laugh when we hear her prancing around in her minnie heels... she loves puzzles, books, singing, her sister and is now really developing quite the imagination. so fun to see!
-ava is our sweet babe who keeps growing so quickly. she has no desire to have baby food but would rather go straight to "big girl food" like her sister. she gets so happy when sissy shares her goldfish. she is sitting up by herself really well and attempting to kind of army crawl/scoot... but not crawl quite yet... she is still toothless, but i think her bottom (2) are getting close to coming in. she loves being tickled and playing w/ big girl toys. she's a great sleeper both at night and at nap time. she is one of her teachers favorites- both at school and at church in waumba land.
-we are so blessed and even though we have had some pretty big challenges in our lives lately, we know GOD is so faithful and praise HIM for bringing us through, one day at a time.